RA27 is continuing to be the centre of attraction in South Africa

Participating in the competition titled as “Sasol South Africa Solar Challenge”, the solar powered vehicle of Near East University, RA27 has left the third day of the competition behind.

According to the press info release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, the solar powered vehicle of Near East University has successfully completed the third day of the competition against all odds; moving from Bloemfontein city in South Africa at 8:00 to Gariep Dam by 17:30, covering 230km despite the bad weather conditions.

RA27 has become the centre of attraction…

Manufactured by the AR-GE teams of Near East University and consisting of over 100 custom-engineered pieces, RA27 has become the centre of attraction of the spectators of the competition which is held in South Africa. Such that, local and international teams are showing attention to RA27 and particular interest is shown to the vehicle by children; taking photos next to it.

Ahmet Çağman: “We are keeping up the pace despite the rain!”

Evaluating the current status of RA27 in the competition, Head of Innovation and Information Centre of Near East University, Ahmet Çağman, expressed that although the weather conditions were rather challenging, the solar powered vehicle of NEU was keeping up the pace. Furthermore, he stated that the vehicle had successfully completed the third day of the competition which is to be completed over eight days. He added that RA27 had a growing interest everywhere it went and that this made everybody rather happy. He ended his words by expressing that they were very pleased and honoured to observe that limits had been pushed to manufacture solar powered cars.

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