About Us

The Near East University, a cultural center that reiterates its educational heritage of 39 years with the values of today and carries them into the future… The name of the records in every field from technology to sports and the pioneer of innovation…The most preferred university of Cyprus…

The Near East University, starting its journey with the promise of “living continental on an island”, succeeded in making its name known both locally and internationally. The Near East University, which is referred with the most prestigious universities of the world, continues to exceed the borders of the country and to make its name.

Becoming a member of the European Universities Association (EUA), the International Association of Universities (IAU) within the body of UNESCO, the Federation of the Universities of the Islamic World (FUIW) and the International Society for Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP), the International Medical Accreditation System (JCI-Joint Commission International) and 118 other national and international organizations, the University is taking firm steps towards its objectives.

Multicultural Structure and Cultural Component

More than 30 thousand students coming from 124 countries are sharing the values of Near East University and studying at over 220 departments and programs, varying from medicine to pharmacy, from engineering to architecture, from communication to law, affiliated to 19 faculties, 3 high schools, and 4 vocational schools. The Near East University aiming to instill a continuously developing awareness into its students, provides a large number of students benefit from various scholarship opportunities. A majority of students studying at the university, which is a multicultural centre, are placed to university through the University Entrance Exam administered by the Higher Education Council of Turkey, thus the majority of students are from Turkey.

The studies carried out by the Faculty of Engineering of Near East University are presented at the international organizations. The NEUIslanders Robotic Football Team is also one of them. The robot footballers of the Near East University are competing with the teams of universities such as Harvard and MIT in the RoboCup organization, which is one of the biggest robotic organizations of the world and called as the world cup of robotic football.

The Women’s Basketball Team of the Near East University has made one of the greatest achievements of the sports history of Turkish Cypriots in the 2014-2015 and promoted to Turkey Women Basketball Super League. Starting to compete in 2015-2016 season in Turkey Women Basketball Super League Basketball Team, the NEU Women’s Basketball Team became the champions of the Turkey Cup, FIBA Women Eurocup and Super League in 2016-2017 season and became the first and only team that won all the cups within one season. In 2017-2018 season, the NEU Women Basketball Team won the 25th Presidential Cup of Turkey, became the champion of Turkey Cup second time as well as becoming the winning team of 5 cups in total within one season. Besides, for the first time in the 2017-2018 season, the team played in Group B of Women Euroleague and managed to become the group leader and had the right to compete in Final-Four.

The Grand Library of the Near East University, the first and only library open 7/24 in Cyprus, is a vast information source with over one million books and more than 150,000 electronic journals, as well as providing access to over 500 million resources from all over the world.

A festive atmosphere dominates the campus with the Spring Festivals and culture, art and sports activities organized throughout the year with participation of local and foreign performers. Within the scope of the 25th year activities, the Near East students lived through the campus spirit at the heights of enjoyment with the unforgettable concert given by the legendary group Deep Purple at the Near East University, with the fascinating show of Peter Marvey the world-famous illusionist and with the magnificient show of Swan Lake performed by the spectacular Moscow Classical Russian Ballet.

With the aim of bringing North Cyprus to the world standards, Near East University is the founder of the first Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Health Sciences and Veterinary Faculties in Cyprus. The Near East University Hospital, which has achieved international success, continues to serve as the first and only Faculty of Medicine Hospital in the region with its specialist staff. The hospital receives quality, sustainable reliability and excellence awards every year and the number of awards that the university has received from international organizations in the last two years has reached 16. The Near East University Hospital is taking important steps by bringing in the latest and most advanced medical technology to North Cyprus.

The Animal Hospital of the Near East University is also the first and only Animal Hospital of Cyprus. The quality of the Faculty of Dentistry was approved by the International Health Accreditation Agency, the Joint Comission International (JCI) with a full score and it is the first Faculty of Dentistry Hospital.