Give your child the best gift during the summer vacation: Visit the Cyprus Car Museum together!
Date Added: 07 August 2023, 10:15

The Cyprus Car Museum, together with other Near East Enterprises Museums, opens the doors to new horizons for children with its rich collections appealing to children. Visit museums with your children during the summer holidays, allowing them to turn into individuals with rich imaginations and advanced abstract thinking skills!

Located on the Near East University campus, the Cyprus Car Museum fascinates those who see it as the most important car museum not only of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus but also of the world, with its classic car collection. Moreover, in addition to its rich automobile collection, it opens the door to great fun for children with toys made from various machine parts, model car collections, pedal cars, Batman and Transformers figures, ship models and many more.

The imagination and entertainment offered to children by the Cyprus Car Museum begins before they enter the museum. To get inside, one has to pass through the life-size horse sculptures exhibited in the courtyard of the museum and the sculptures made of parts of tractors and different agricultural devices. When the entrance door is opened, a rich collection that brings together thousands of model cars welcomes children.

Cyprus Car Museum is open every day of the week!
The children, who manage to take their eyes off the toy car collection and take their first steps into the museum, are greeted by an iconic movie figure right at the entrance: Scrat, the cute squirrel chasing an acorn in the cult animation Ice Age series. Around our squirrel, which finally catches the acorn, there are old pedal cars, which are also classics.

While you enjoy the classic cars, your children will continue to enjoy the fun with dozens of parts such as animal figures, Batman and Transformers figures from machine parts. Hyperrealist silicone sculptures of the two legendary pilots of Formula 1, German Michael Schumacher and Brazilian Ayrton Senna, will get you into nostalgia among legendary sports cars, and will give your children great excitement! Cyprus Car Museum is awaiting you every day of the week, to experience the magic of classic cars while having fun with your children!

Enrich your children’s world by visiting museums!
When you finish your tour at the Cyprus Car Museum located on the Near East University campus, be sure to visit the Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, which is right across the street. The Cyprus Museum of Modern Arts, which is the largest contemporary art museum not only in Cyprus but also in the region with over 50 thousand works of art, has a rich painting and sculpture collection consisting of the works of artists belonging to 14 Turkish nations. In addition, many collections from ship models to glassware and sword collections will allow you to have fun with your children.

Also at the Herbarium and Natural History Museum located on the Near East University campus, you can have the opportunity to review the history of Cyprus mountains with 11 thousand of different plant specimens, mushroom varieties, insect species, various reptile species, sea creatures, fossils and rocks, together with your children.

In addition to many collections reflecting the cultural identity and history of Cyprus, the Walled City Museum is also awaiting you at the Kyrenia Gate in Nicosia, with depictions of various historical events such as the Ottoman Empire’s conquest of Nicosia and the arrival of the British in Larnaca, which are depicted on the ceilings of the museum. You will have the chance to experience all these with your children.

Remember, children who grow up with art turn into happy, spiritually strong, imaginative and abstract-thinking individuals! Give your child the best gift during the summer holidays: Visit the Near East Enterprises Museums together!